CMSimple version 3.1 - April 2. 2008
1999-2008 Peter Andreas Harteg

Congratulations on your new installation of CMSimple.

You must keep a convenient and prominently visible feature that displays the CMSimple Legal Notices.

Please read and accept the CMSimple Legal Notices or delete this installation.

Default login is 'test' ('admin'/'test' if security type is wwwaut)
- remember to change login under settings.

Please read about File permissions and Security issues in the Installer's Manual.

Please visit www.cmsimple.com and consider purchasing a commercial licence for CMSimple, which may give you a lot of benefits compared to using CMSimple under AGPL. These benefits includes removal of copyleft conditions, change of Legal Notices requirement and access to support in user forum.

The distribution of CMSimple at CMSimple.ORG is sponsored by this link:
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